Linnakallio is one man’s life’s work and an example of Finnish persistence. The drying barn converted into a church was consecrated in 1995 and the newer church that is decorated with burls in 2009. These churches are available for organising weddings or christenings. They are also good places for holding a devotional service during a hike or a personal moment of silence in addition to regular parish events.

Linnakallio’s Traditional Finnish smoke sauna is open for the general public throughout the year on Wednesdays and Sundays starting from 17:30. The sauna can also be booked for private groups, outdoor ”palju” jacuzzi also available.

Summer Theatre Vihreä Valo
This charming summer theatre with a lot of personality has a covered auditorium with steps
seating for approx. 200 people.

Taluskyläntie 660
+358 8 432 839