Many have found not only a dream holiday home, but also a permanent home in Hiekkasärkät holiday area. It is a unique place where you have it all at hand: the magnificent seaside environment and all the services you need. Buying a home or holiday home in the Hiekkasärkät area is also worthwhile for other reasons than the enjoyable location. Prices are inexpensive, and no big capital is needed to acquire an apartment. Due to their location, the apartments are easy to rent out and the rental income is better than average. You can still enjoy your holiday home yourself even if your investment is put out to yield a profit on the rental market.


Award-winning expert behind the quality

Wesain Oy is a solvent construction contractor and builder who has been strongly involved in Hiekkasärkät development over the last ten years. Wesain has built both holiday homes, terraced houses and apartment buildings, and was also prominently present at the Holiday Home Fair held in Kalajoki in 2014. Kalajoki Entrepreneurs (Kalajoen Yrittäjät Ry) selected Wesain as Company of the Year 2018.

Many of the sites built by Wesain at Hiekkasärkät can be bought, booked or rented through Hiekka Booking & LKV.

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