Meet the huskies


Our family husky farm is in Kannus, just 40 min drive from Kalajoki. We raise Huskies and Labradors at our kennel. Our puppies grow up as family members, receiving the best food, care, and love we can provide them. We breed healthy and loving dogs mainly for safaris, dog shows, and hunting purposes. You are most welcome to come to meet our furry friends and discover the beauties of Finland together!

Our services include among others:

Visit at the kennel

Come and discover the life of a Siberian Husky! You can pet the Siberian Husky puppies and grown-up dogs, as well as learn about their gear, harnesses, and sleds. To end the visit, we will serve a cup of coffee or some juice and biscuits. Duration 1-1.5 h. Visit throughout the year upon request.

Short Husky Safari

Meet the huskies and go for a ride, discover the wonderful Finnish nature!
Greet the dogs and help get your sled ready. This ride is 4kms long and the whole adventure will last close to 45min. This safari can take place in the woods of Kannus or Kalajoki or on the frozen sea next to Kalajoki Sand Dunes (depending on the weather conditions).
Half-way during the safari: photo break for unique pictures with the Huskies and beautiful views.

The safaris may also be organized at nightfall to get a chance to spot northern lights. We want to offer a pure experience in the heart of Finnish nature, bonding with our dogs and enjoy the landscapes.

It’s also possible to have longer safaris lasting up to 5 hours!

JokaTassu Husky
Ylitalontie 139, Kannus
Inquiries and reservations: or +358 46 891 4571
Please find more information about JokaTassu here (in Finnish)



Join us for a husky safari at the Team Nordic Husky Farm! Our enthusiastic huskies are harnessed to the sleigh and waiting impatiently to show you what they love to do most! Experience the joy of the husky hound rushing and pulling you through the forestr trails and the beautiful untouched nature. The husky pack will whisk you through the winter landscapes and forests.

Team Nordic Husky Farm offers different lengths of Siberian Husky safaris.

The safaris take place on sleighs, driven by a professional musher. Each sleigh can fit 1-3 passengers. Upon request, you may also try to drive the sled.
Feel free to ask for a quote for groups!
The activity lasts around 2-3 hours. The safaris are available from December to March,
depending on the snow conditions.
The excursions include the husky safaris, a salty sausage snack and a warm drink in a traditional Finnish Kota hut. You will also have a moment to cuddle up with the dogs and snap some photos with them!

Team Nordic Husky Farm also offers a variety of summer programs and activities at the husky farm.

Team Nordic Husky Farm
Heikinrannantie 230, Rautio
+358 41 3186110