An Early-summer Day-trip to Kalajoki - Visit Kalajoki

An Early-summer Day-trip to Kalajoki

Monika Luukkonen

On a sunny end-of-May Sunday, I headed down to Kalajoki for the day with my daughter Amaya. After the long and snowy winter, I was keen to see Kalajoki in its more summer-style attire, especially the sea without the ice and snow. Our first stop was the Kalajoki Sand Dunes. We parked our car on the top of the highest part of the dunes and walked down the wooden steps and path towards the sea. Even though it looked sunny and summery, the wind blowing from the sea was still quite bitter. But still, it was the open, fresh summer sea. I was excited!


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We walked along the long wooden paths, and the air smelled gently of the sea, seaweed, fish, tar-coated boats and freshly painted seaside houses. There were benches along the paths for sea-viewing and resting but we decided to sit right on the sand, covered from the wind behind a sand dune. I had a cup of coffee from the thermos, Amaya an oat-milk chocolate drink and we had bought biscuits on the way. We sat there quietly, just drinking coffee and cocoa, breathing the sea air and soaking in the lovely atmosphere. We laughed at one bird, which struggled to stay put mid-air in the wind and wait for his mate. When the other bird arrived, they lazily let themselves be carried away by the wind…

The sea, the sand and small red houses by the sea reminded me of Tove Jansson and how the sea was often the key part of her stories, both Moomin and the other stories, novels and autobiographical works. How she liked to spend her summers in an island by the sea.

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I had promised Amaya that she could visit Super Park, a children’s indoor activity park, in Kalajoki. The Kalajoki park of the chain had just opened in the new Raitti shopping mall only the day before our visit. She ended up playing there for several hours, while I had a look at the shops, had a coffee and even went out for a long walk… In the shopping mall, I was happy to have a chance to visit Pisa Design’s new lifestyle shop called Aito (read my other blog text about Pisa Design). There was was also an Iittala Outlet shop upstairs and in another shop, I bought some cute cotton fabric for Amaya. (She is planning to do some sewing with her grandmother during the summer holiday.)

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スーパーパーク(Super Park)に連れてゆくと約束していました。



ショッピングモールで、幸運なことにピサ・デザイン(Pisa Design)の新しい






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We had lunch at a restaurant called Lohilaakso, just a few minutes’ drive away from the new shopping mall and the Santa’s Resort & Spa Hotel Sani (where we usually stay if we stay the night in Kalajoki). The restaurant is in a log house by a small lake where you can also do fishing and have your caught fish smoked in the restaurant. Lohilaakso’s speciality is smoked fish.

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After playing at Super Park, Amaya was starving. She chose a kiddies’ salmon meal with a fried salmon steak, creamy potatoes and a large piece of rye bread.

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As there was a lovely smell of smoked fish outside the restaurant, I wanted to eat smoked fish. I had smoked white fish (siika, シーカ) salad. It was just what I needed!

I wish we could have stayed the night in Kalajoki too… go to the spa, have a relaxing sauna and stay in the spa hotel over-looking the sea. Next time definitely.


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翻訳:Miki Kanda

写真:Monika Luukkonen