Rehabilitate yourself

Taukokangas is a Finnish wellbeing service centre offering various rehabilitation programs covered by the Finnish social security KELA, vocationally oriented rehabilitation (KIILA), Occupational Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy as well as Welfare and Expert Services.

Markkinatien Fysio Oy is located in the city centre of Kalajoki and is part of the Taukokangas Group. The services of Markkinatien Fysio include physical and lymphatic therapy, reflexology, traditional massage and sports massage.
The goal of Taukokangas is to promote clients’ health and their ability to function and work throughout their life. In addition to Kalajoki, Taukokangas has offices also  in Oulainen and Ylivieska.


Taukokangas Oy
Jukupolku 5
+358 44 479 4700

Markkinatien Fysio Oy
Markkinatie 12
+358 40 5760 840