Sustainability in Kalajoki


Kalajoki tourist resort is situated around of magical marine nature, fresh forests and hundreds of small islands. So that our tourist center can further increase its vitality, means that whole property and services has to develope sustainable and long lasting ways. Sustainability guides our choices and operations, and we encourage that also for local companies, local people and visitors.

We have committed to do long lasting work for Finland´s sustainable tourism. Visit Kalajoki has taken part of Sustainable Travel Finland -quality program together with Kalajoki city. To be able to work through the program succesfully, we will need total support from local people, tourists and visitors.

Our goal is that five stars Kalajoki resort is available also for next generations, after hundreds of years!

Welcome to this journey with us – towards more sustainable Kalajoki!


Local cooperating and environmentally friendly service provision

Visit Kalajoki has take part of Sustainable Travel Finland -quality program, which goal will be destination sertificate to prove our commitment for sustainable and responsible lifestyle.
We support and guide local companies also for sustainable developing.

Several accommodation companies, restaurants and activity actors has already some environment friendly or quality sertificate or they are performing that at the time.

Local companies involved for Sustainable Travel Finland -program:
Sandy Kelt & Dyyni
Hiekka Booking
Kalajoki Golf
Adventure park Pakka
Kalajoki Booking Centre
SuperPark Kalajoki
Plassin Parantola
Shopping center Loisto
Tapion Tupa

Take a look of Sustainable Travel Finland -program!

We minimize climate impacts

From nearest bus and train stations you can arrive by public transport. In our tourist center you won´t need an own car.

We prefer and recommend ecological ways to go and enjoy the environment and nature!

You will get from a place to an other easily and safely by walk, bike, electric kickboard or even sup-board and canoeing.
You can charge your electric car conveniently on several charging points in Hiekkasärkät area and Kalajoki city center.


Must see nature destinations!

We love nature

Fresh, clean and versatile marine nature and taking deep care of that is in our heart. For example Rahja archipelago is one of the valuable nature reserve of bay of Bothnia coast. 
For us the real priorities are the environment and biodiversity. We support our customers use existing nature trails and routes.

Five stars tip! Upload Outdooractive -app. Application works for you like a digital quide and amazing nature trails of Kalajoki will be always with you!

Head for the trip!

YOU are guest of honor

For us everyone is warmly welcome regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, age, nationality or any mobility restrictions.
Let´s respect together each other and give relaxing and equal visit in Kalajoki for everyone.

We support local

Kalajoki has large and versatile business supply and we prefer strongly local services, products and materials. We also guide tourists to take advantage of the wonderful offer of the tourist center with many opportunities!

Everyone can show their own support

Visit Kalajoki has signed Sustainable Travel Finland pledge, which Visit Finland has made, for support finnish pure and clean nature and our culture.
Everyone in this planet can give the same support for Finland; reading, appreciating and following those instructions during visit.
That´s the way how we keep our environment clean and attractive also in future!

Sign your Sustainable Finland Pledge here!

We care about sustainability and we tell about it

Part of responsible, sustainable actions is message from it frankly and honestly.
Information ja vibrations about sustainability in Kalajoki tourist resort you can find from Visit Kalajoki social media channels.

If you have any thoughts, ideas or questions about Kalajoki sustainability and responsibilities, don´t hesitate to contact us!