Enjoy great tastes

Get dressed up or go out for more casual enjoyment. Choose between a rustic rural atmosphere or a fancier setting. Taste something entirely new. Share the pleasure with your friends, family or loved one. Be bold and beautiful, and propose in the light of a spectacular sunset!
Make a lasting impression on a client or partner. Relax and enjoy.

The restaurants in Kalajoki do their utmost to ensure fresh tastes and an unforgettable evening!


Sandy Kelt
Beach Bar Surffari
Restaurant Bistro
Tapion tupa
Kalajoki Golf
Restaurant Kompassi
Restaurant Lokkilinna
Restaurant Stage
Restaurant Steak House
Restaurant Lohilaakso
Restaurant ShangriLa
Restaurant Calla
Raitti Restaurant
Mamma leone
Henry’s Saloon
Restaurant Kultakala
ABC / Hesburger
HH Kitchen