Experience the best events in Kalajoki

Kalajoki events bring people back year after year. Experience the Summer Season Opening. Become enchanted by the thousands of twinkling lights at the Venetian festival. Enjoy the sea and the hot sand. Party on until the morning and dance until your feet hurt.
Kalajoki hosts a multitude of events throughout the year!

Summer Season Kick-Off, 4–7 June
Kalajoki Dance Camp, 10–13 June 2021
Beachfutis Finnish Open, 31st July-1st Aufust
Kalajoki Midsummer Festival, 18–20 June
Bimmerparty, 2-4 July 2021
Irish Hooley, 6–9 August
KalaDogi Show, 23–25 July 2021
Service Fest, 2–3 August
Hilma’s Local Food Market, 22 August
Tractor Pulling event, 22 August
Venetian Festival, 28–30 August
Autumn Festival, 18–20 September
Adventures in the dark, 16th and 23rd October