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Kalajoki and its famous holiday area of Hiekkasärkät is located in Northern Ostrobothnia on the seashore and by national road 8. You can get to Kalajoki by car, bus, train or airplane.





The Hiekkasärkät holiday area is located approx. 7 km south from the center of Kalajoki, by the national road 8. To access the tourist area, take the Hiekkasärkät E or Hiekkasärkät P exit.

Finland and Kalajoki are connected to the rest of Europe through maritime routes, making it easily accessible by caravan, for instance!

From Sweden to Finland:
From Stockholm to Helsinki or Turku: Silja Line, Viking line
From Helsinki and Turku you can continue by car or by train/bus to Kalajoki.
Umeå to Vaasa: Wasaline
Kapellskär to Naantali: FinnLink

From Germany to Helsinki or Turku (for instance Finnlines)

The closest railway stations are located in Ylivieska (40 km) and Kokkola (60 km). From Ylivieska and Kokkola, you can continue to Kalajoki by bus.
See the timetables and reserve tickets:

Most of the intercity buses run through Hiekkasärkät and the affordable Onnibus express bus service stops by the Hiekkasärkät bus stop on national road 8. There are also daily bus routes between Ylivieska and Kalajoki.
See the timetables and reserve tickets:


The nearest airports are Oulu Airport (130 km) and Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport (100 km).
See the timetables and reserve tickets:

More information about transfers from Oulu airport: +358 600 30010 or from Kokkola airport: 358 50 550 9866.
Car rental is available at both airports.




Please find more information at:
Taxis, Kalajoki

Do you need a larger bus? Ask about charter services in the Kalajoki area!
+358 8 469 4449

Do you need a car during your holiday? Contact the local rental company Scandia Rent.
+358 300 870165

Dog-friendly Kalajoki

Kalajoki wishes all dogs and their owners warmly welcome! There are many dog-friendly restaurants, activities and accommodation options in Kalajoki!

More information available here.

Kalajoki with a guide

Kalajoki Travel Guides offer guided tours in Kalajoki and the Havula manor. With a guide, you can visit the Fishing museum or walk through the Plassi main street. Reserve a guide and see Kalajoki from a different perspective! Group tours upon request. More information and reservations:

+358 50 536 5519

Event organisers

Kalajoki provides a wonderful setting for a variety of public events. The diverse services in the tourist area offer activities and support services for all kinds of events. The area’s accommodation capacity has already exceeded 14,000 beds. Visitors are served by numerous cosy restaurants, and there are plenty of places to engage in a range of exciting activities both outdoors and indoors.

If you are planning a public event or gathering of enthusiasts, we can help you with all the related practical arrangements: booking premises, applying for permits, reserving accommodation and catering services, and planning a diverse programme of activities.

Everything is possible in Kalajoki!

Please contact:

Mrs. Seija Vesala
Executive Director
+358 50 5339004

Elevating sustainability for tourism companies in the Oulu region –  A responsive travel destination in the new market situation

We are taking part in a project called Kestävää nostetta matkailuyrityksiin Oulun seudulla (Sustainable boost for tourism businesses in the Oulu Region), which has been designed to boost the recovery of tourism industry in the Oulu region. The project’s main goals are to elevate and promote the sustainability, digitality and attractiveness of the Oulu tourism region (Oulu, Kalajoki and Rokua Geopark). The project aims to support the recovery and competitiveness of Oulu region’s tourism, restaurant and event industries suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic. The project identifies some of the key challenges the Oulu region tourism businesses share in their recovery from the pandemic, creates tourism content that meets the emerging tourism trends and develops tourism marketing. The objective is to ensure the continuance of the industry’s most commercially profitable product segments in the Oulu region while also creating tools for knowledge-based management that benefit the industry.

Tourism development in the Oulu region is carried out through extensive cooperation. The project is implemented by BusinessOulu, Oulun Matkailu Oy (VisitOulu), Kalajoki Tourism Association, and Humanpolis Ltd./Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark.

The project’s implementation period is 1 July 2021–30 June 2023, and its total budget is €964,771. The project has received funding from the European union’s European Regional Development Fund, and it will be funded as part of the Union’s measures taken due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding is received from the European Regional Development Fund, Council of Oulu Region, Humanpolis Oy, Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark, Kalajoki Tourism Association, City of Oulu, and VisitOulu.


For further information, please contact:

Project Manager Satu Himanka
Visit Kalajoki
+358(0)50 354 3327



Contact us

Kalajoki Tourist Information
Kalajoki Booking Center
Address: Matkailutie 312
+358 8 469 2500

Kalajoki Tourism Association / Visit Kalajoki
Tuomipakkaintie 9, 85100 Kalajoki

Mrs. Seija Vesala
Executive Director
+358 50 5339004

Safety at the beach

The beautiful and popular sandy beach of Kalajoki, Hiekkasärkät, is a large area and about 3.5 kilometres long in total. The sea is mostly shallow near the beach, but may suddenly deepen in places.

The sandy bank reaching a long way into the sea between Hotel Rantakalla and Lokkilinna and its surroundings are a highly popular spot for paddling, swimming, walking and admiring the scenery. Please be aware that the sea can be unpredictable in different weather conditions. When in the water or nearby it, keep in mind that the wind and weather conditions and the size of waves may change quickly and pay attention to sudden deeps and currents as well as the swimming skills of yourself and your companions. The sea can suddenly become deeper especially around the long sand bank, and strong currents are possible at sea. There are signs warning about the currents at both ends of the boardwalk near Lokkilinna and Rantakalla.

Please note! There are no official lifeguards at Hiekkasärkät beach. If an accident occurs or someone needs help in the water, please call the emergency response centre at number 112. Please also contact the Surf Center by the Kalajoki Camping’s beach area
(+358(0) 44 546 0090). They have SUP boards for rescue purposes and are prepared for sudden rescue missions at sea.