Practicalities and Gifts

While on holiday, don’t miss shopping in Kalajoki! Find local delicacies and unique handcrafted products. A new beach dress or a bikini. Sunglasses and plasters. The bag you have dreamed about. New hobby equipment – a golf bag or a SUP board! A bag full of treats for an evening’s entertainment. Jewellery, candy and fish. A marine souvenir that will bring back memories of a wonderful holiday.

You can find all kinds of fun and practical things at Kalajoki for souvenirs, for yourself and as gifts.


Kalajoki City Centre
Golf ProShop
Service Station ABC Hiekkasärkät
Tapion Tupa
K-supermarket Kalajoki
Kohtaamispaikka Loisto
Rautio Sports surf center
Lohilaakso Souvenirs
Pisa Design Lifestyleshop Aito
Ceramics Shop Iso-Pahkala