Kalajoki is an excellent venue for school groups, companies, their personnel and their customers


Kalajoki offers the best opportunity in the area for companies, corporations and event organizers to arrange events and meetings. It offers accommodation for as many as 13,000 people, about twenty restaurants, a wealth of conference and group facilities, as well as additional services for any season. In fact, Kalajoki has already been the scene of many large- scale events, including business events with up to 1,300 congress participants or 1,600 visitors, hobby club get-togethers with an audience of more than 10,000 and sports events featuring almost 200 teams.

It can be a good idea to visit Kalajoki with your student group or invite your personnel to Kalajoki if you want to…

→ to discover the secrets of Finnish education, from the view-point of pupils or teachers
→ discover the secrets of Finnish education, from the view-point of pupils or teachers
→ learn about Finland’s first eco-labelled Swan school
→ develop your professional network in a specific field
→ hold a meeting about key issues
→ learn about new ways of doing
→ want to thank or reward people for a job well done
→ want to improve your team’s work capacity and occupational well-being
→ learn and exercise close to nature

Conference venues from
20 to 2400 participants

for over 14 000 people

More than
20 restaurants


Kalajoki offers the perfect settings for single travelers and groups dreaming of a break by the Finnish arctic bay. Our suppliers offer numerous turnkey options to improve your vacation planning.


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The biggest audience events in Kalajoki attract more than 10,000 visitors. The high-quality facilities of the tourism centre and wealth of accommodation and additional services even cater to the needs of large customer flows. Many hobby teams, fan clubs, and corporations have already found Kalajoki, and return there to share their common interest year after year. After the event, you can enjoy leisure-time with your own team or family.


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Learning experiences in Finland by the Bothnian Bay

Kalajoki has experience in welcoming international student groups! Why not bring all the pupils of your school to Kalajoki for a study or physical recreation camp, or a combination of both! Come and discover the joys of the Finnish educational system and to enjoy maritime nature, the wealth of activities available, or arrange a nature-oriented outdoor school for your own class. You can also arrange a sports camp with us. We will help you prepare the program, and we also understand the safety and responsibility aspects that need to be considered with children and young people.


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Kalajoki has a wealth of group and conference facilities for both smaller teams and conferences with more than a thousand participants. Our professionals will provide conference equipment, restaurant services, and an additional program in accordance with your wishes.


Access to Kalajoki

By car or bus

Kalajoki is located along the national road #8. The Matkahuolto and Onnibus bus lines both stop either at the Kalajoki bus station or straight at the Hiekkasärkät resort. By car, the Hiekkasärkät resort can be accessed from the national road, from the Hiekkasärkät E and Hiekkasärkät P exists.


By train

The closest railway stations are in Ylivieska (40 km) and Kokkola (60km). When traveling up north (from Helsinki), the fastest connection is in Kokkola. When traveling down south, the fastest connection in Ylivieska.

By air

The nearest airports are Oulu Airport (130 km) and Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport (100 km), both are located roughly one and half hour away from the Hiekkasärkät resort. More information about connections from Oulu or from Kokkola from their pages.


By sea

The closest ferry service is the Wasalinen Umeå-Vaasa route. You can also reach Kalajoki by your private boat by docking at the Himanka (Sautinkari and Pikku-Mansikka), Rahja (Konikarvo), Hiekkasärkät, (Keskuskari), Kalajoki downtown (Ämmä) and Vasankari ports. More information, tel. +358 44 469 1233.


By air
from Helsinki to Kokkola or Oulu 1 hr / connection
from airports to Kalajoki: less than 2 hrs

By train
from Helsinki to Kokkola 3,5 hrs
from Rovaniemi to Ylivieska: 4,5 hrs / connection
from railway stations to Kalajoki less than 1 hr

By car
from Helsinki to Kalajoki: 6,5 hrs
from Rovaniemi to Kalajoki : 4,5 hrs
from Oulu to Kalajoki: 2 hrs

By sea
from Umeå (SE) to Vaasa (FI) 4,5 hrs +
connection from port to Kalajoki 2,5 hrs



Please contact

 Mrs. Seija Vesala
Account manager, groups and events
+358 50 5339004