Discover the activities in Kalajoki!

Kalajoki invites you to forget your watch and loosen your tie. Jump on a bike and head over to the woods, the rural villages or to the season – do you hear nature calling? Follow the duckboards, smell the salt in the air and enjoy the moment! Discover the gems of Kalajoki by wandering, hiking or cycling around, surfing on the waves or on the ice. Take a dip in the sea or make the most of our spa. Go golfing, fishing or head out on a seal safari. Take a moment to relax by testing sand or snow yoga.
There are numerous activities to choose from. Create memories of a lifetime, surrounded by breathtaking nature. Relish every second and let the Kalajoki magic take you over!

40 km of
ski tracks

4 km of

20 km of
nature trails

Get active outdoors

Let the sea wind tousle your hair. Conquer the dunes as the sun rises. Play a round of beach volleyball. Go climbing, standup paddleboarding and kitesurfing. Jump into a hole in the ice. Sail a galeas to an island with a lighthouse. Experience the joy of discovering the most challenging geocaches. Take your family and your best pals with you. The wonders of Kalajoki invite you to get active – all year round!


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Enjoy the indoor activities

Enjoy slides and jacuzzis. Go glow-bowling amid catchy beats and colourful lights. Get your heart rate up in a group exercise class. Experience a submarine ride to the bottom of the sea. Visit exhibits that present the wonders of marine nature. Rediscover your playful side. Laugh and relax. Don’t let cloudy weather get in the way of your fun: Kalajoki has plenty to do indoors!


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Sights in Kalajoki

Enjoy the atmosphere of rustic village streets and the beauty of old wooden houses in Plassila, the old town of Kalajoki. Experience the spectacular halls of Havula Manor. See how people used to live, fish, work and build ships at the local history museums Ponder how they managed to lift the bells up to the belfry in the olden days. Engross yourself in stories at summer theatres. Kalajoki offers plenty to see for culture and history buffs!


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Nature activities

Comfortable hiking shoes for the outdoor tracks or faster sneakers for a jog along the duckboards? Skis, ski boots or ice fishing gear for winter trips onto the frozen sea? A map, thermos flask and binoculars for birdwatching from a bird tower? A GPS device and exchange goodies for a geocache? What to pack with you this time around in Kalajoki? Experience the wild but wonderful nature of Kalajoki with all your senses!


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Draw a circle around Kalajoki on a map. Take a trip, for a day or a half. Immerse yourself in the easy-going village atmosphere. Experience the Northern Ostrobothnian hospitality. Enjoy a good cup of coffee and shop for great discoveries. Refresh yourself with a dip in the lake or a tour on horseback. If you have time, go visit Kokkola or head for Oulu. Enjoy also the regions around Kalajoki!


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