Kalajoki – the finest beach holiday resort in Finland

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Alexander Trivedi

The writer is a chef and lover of everyday food.
He currently writes his own blog called
Aitoa Arkiruokaa,
where he shares tips on cooking, recipes, and his experiences.

His passion for cooking comes from his childhood and
what he values most are quality raw ingredients,
simple instructions and never compromising on taste.

I have been hearing about Kalajoki and its famous beaches for years. When I got interested in domestic travel, I headed straight to Finland’s armpit, namely Kalajoki.

Sporty weekend with a touch of beach soccer

Written by

Jesse Paunonen

I am Jesse Paunonen, alias Matkailunhidalgo, and I am a 26-year-old student from Helsinki, passionate about travels, sports, and experiences. I enjoy traveling more than anything: travel is more than just relaxing by the beach or visiting monuments, its all about the experiences. I am at becoming an ambassador for tourism in Finland, with a focus on ethics and respect.




Beachfutis Finnish Open is an annual beach soccer tournament played at the famous Kalajoki beach. The event spreads over the entire sandy beach area and brings together as many as two thousand football players. The tournament has been organised since…