You do not need to compromise on comfort, experiences and high-quality service even on holiday. We want you to feel warmly welcome, regardless of your functional limitations or reduced mobility. Guide dogs are also welcome to enjoy Kalajoki.

In Kalajoki, people with reduced mobility can also enjoy events, nature trails, high-quality accommodation and restaurant experiences worry-free! Kalajoki is easily accessible for exploring in the way best suited to you.



At the Kalajoki Tourist Area, you can find accessible accommodation in cottages, holiday apartments and hotels. Kalajoki Booking Centre has a total of 22 accessible cottages and holiday apartments in the Hiekkasärkät area.

Explore all the Booking Centre’s accessible accommodation alternatives here.

In addition to these accommodation alternatives, you can easily book any accommodation in the area, as well as services for your holiday, through the Booking Centre!

There are three high-quality Standard Class rooms suited to persons with disabilities in the Santa’s Resort & Spa Hotel Sani. The support handles mounted in the bathrooms make the facilities easier to use, and it is also possible to have a raised toilet seat upon request. The rooms for people with disabilities are two-person rooms that have room for one extra bed. You can borrow a walker or a wheelchair from the reception to make it easier to get around during your stay. The hotel’s spacious facilities and low thresholds make it easy and effortless to move around. The versatile conference and restaurant facilities are located under the same roof!


Kalajoki offers diverse services and places to visit for all tastes and accessibility needs. Whether you feel like exploring the local culture or enjoying activities, there are plenty of options!


SaniFani Spa and Swimming Pool
Enjoy the tropical atmosphere in the SaniFani Spa! The Spa’s dressing and shower rooms are pleasant and accommodating. It is easy for people using a wheelchair to get into the pools with pool lifts both in the Spa and the Swimming Pool. Your assistant can always enter the Spa free of charge and the cheerful team of sports instructors are always happy to lend an extra hand and make your stay even more comfortable. You can also book an easily accessible sauna with a dressing room free of charge for the duration of your spa visit. Please book the easily accessible sauna in advance by calling +358 44 728 5921.

The SunBowling Bowling Alley is located in the same building as the SaniFani Spa. The threshold to participate will always remain low at the six-lane bowling alley, both mentally and physically. This bowling alley will ensure that beginners and professionals alike have a good time. The bowling alley is completely accessible and even the youngest family members get to feel the joy of success with the help of gutter guards, which are available on request. Fun activities for your whole group, regardless of the weather!


The SuperPark Activity Park has ample space and wheelchair-accessible passageways. Accessibility has been at the core of designing the activities, and some of them can be enjoyed while seated in a wheelchair. Everyone will have fun with the iWall game wall and trampolines, as well as the SuperBall, SuperBowling, Fortuna and SuperTouch games! SuperPark is a colourful space with strong, contrasting colours, which helps visually impaired persons to better perceive the elements. The activity park has received a tremendous amount of good feedback on its accessibility. Weatherproof entertainment for everyone!


Loisto Meeting Point
At the Loisto Meeting Point, you can combine having fun and shopping, as well as filling your tummy with delicious food! Loisto warmly welcomes those arriving at the Hiekkasärkät area, just off National Road 8. At the Meeting Point you can find restaurants, a furniture shop, clothing and lifestyle shops, as well as a hairdresser. Under the same roof, you can plan your holiday activities at the Kalajoki Booking Centre and enjoy the thrill of movement in the accessible SuperPark. Charge your electric car conveniently in the parking area while shopping and enjoying the delicious foods of the restaurants!


The new and modern Virta Concert Hall in the centre of Kalajoki welcomes you to enjoy movies, concerts and stand-up! The concert hall is located on the 2nd floor of the Merta Shopping and Cultural Centre, where it is easy to move around. The hall has an induction loop, seats for several wheelchairs and modern, versatile presentation technology that guarantees top-quality events. Explore the experiences hosted by the Virta Concert Hall here.


HuliVili Petting Zoo
Animals ALWAYS cheer you up! The warm HuliVili Petting Zoo welcomes you to visit and pet animals in the rural landscape of Etelänkylä, Kalajoki. At HuliVili you can meet alpacas, sheep, pigs, guinea pigs and many other lovely animals! The petting zoo is wheelchair-accessible. In summer, the outdoor area consists of flat grass and gravel pathways, and the barn, where some of the animals are, is easily accessible. The petting zoo parking area is located close to the animal pens and the café.



The nature and wildlife in Kalajoki is for everyone!

The Kalajoki Tourist Area is very compact, and you can move easily and safely from one place to another: all services are located just a stone’s throw from each other! Nature is also close by. The accessible nature trails are suitable for both wheelchairs and children’s pushchairs. Enjoy the sea view on the Hiekkasärkät duckboards that lead a bit further to the Vihaslahti Nature Trail. Vihaslahti is part of the Vihas-Keihäslahti Nature Reserve and offers nature activities with a bird-watching tower and a cosy rest spot. Easy duckboards and elevated trails lead you on a 4-kilometre walk from the Tourist Area to Vihaslahti. By the Vihaslahti Bay there are a bird-watching tower, two campfire sites, a covered information board and an accessible toilet. You can observe the birds nesting and feeding in the area, and during the summer months there are sheep grazing the pastures.

A five-star tip:

Download the Outdoor Active App, in which you can find these accessible nature trails. The app works as your digital guide!

Kalajoen Hiekkasärkät



All the restaurants and cafés in the Kalajoki Tourist Area are located close to each other, so you only need to pick and choose! Several accessible restaurants welcome you to come and savour their delights. The only question is: what are you in the mood for today?


Sandy Kelt
Restaurant Sandy Kelt is a pit stop for the hungry and thirsty that is open every day of the year! It is easy to get to the restaurant, as the entrance is wheelchair-accessible and the disabled parking spaces are located right in front of the restaurant. Your restaurant experience will be heightened not only by the cheerful and youthful staff, but also the tables of various different heights, which suit all needs.

Choose your favourite local food from the menu or enjoy the weekly changing special burger! Sandy Kelt’s wide selection of beverages also includes a local beer brewed in Kalajoki, a real must-try!


Beach Bar Surffari
Take it easy in the Beach Bar Surffari at the Top Camping Site! Surffari is open during summer, and it offers delicious food and summery drinks to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Summer in Surffari is filled with events and live music. Come and enjoy yourself in our accessible oasis of good vibes! Read more about our services here.


The Santa’s Resort & Spa Hotel Sani’s restaurant Bistro can be entered easily both from inside the main hotel building and through the main door of the SaniFani Spa. The disabled parking places are located in the immediate vicinity of the main door, and all the doors, both interior and exterior, open automatically. The Santa’s Hotels chain takes you on a tasty journey into the wild, where authentic northern flavours will excite your taste buds! The menu of Bistro Restaurant contains a wide variety of local delicacies with specialities from Lapland. You can come with or without a reservation!

Check out the Bistro menu here.


Lokkilinna Restaurant is known for its tasty food and breath-taking views of the golden beach and the sea. It is hard to find a better view than this! The restaurants serves buffet lunch on weekdays and à la carte dishes are available every day. In summer, you can enjoy a tasty meal and fresh drinks with live music on the glazed deck, which is easily accessible by lift from the inside of the restaurant and by a ramp from the outside. Find out more about Lokkilinna here.


Kalajoki Golf Club Restaurant
Kalajoki Golf is one of the most popular and highly-esteemed golf courses in Finland. The Golf Centre is in a beautiful location by the sea. During the summer season, the Club Restaurant serves both golf enthusiasts and other guests. Even if golf is not one of your hobbies, you are warmly welcome to come and eat and enjoy yourself!


Raitti Restaurant
Every gourmet’s paradise, Raitti Restaurant, is located in the Loisto Meeting Place, just off National Road 8. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible. There is a toilet for people with disabilities right next to the restaurant and the doors open automatically. The Raitti Restaurant offers the delicious selections of Kotipizza and Rolls. Come and eat in the restaurant or order a takeaway online! When hunger strikes: Raitti Restaurant – A versatile restaurant in Hiekkasärkät, Kalajoki