Safaritalo’s rental selection includes bicycles, segways, ATVs, snowmobiles, canoes, water jets, snowshoes, touring skates as well as other summer and winter sports equipment. Holidaymakers can also rent an outdoor hot tub for their cottage, for example.

Right beside Safaritalo stands the safari House with its 9 hotel-level rooms. Safaritalo also rents out cottages and semi-detached apartments within the Hiekkasärkät resort. The homely SafariPub serves snacks throughout the day and its sunny terrace welcomes guests during the summer. Safaritalo also organized meals, sauna evenings as well as various types of program service for groups upon request.

Hiekkasärkkien Ohjelmapalvelut Oy / Safaritalo
Merisärkäntie 10
045 111 6633
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