Walking & running


The Hiekkasärkät duckboards

The duckboards meandering through the shoreline landscape of Hiekkasärkät provide an excellent opportunity to have a walk by the beach. The area has several kilometres of duckboards, and there are signposts and bins along the trail.


Running tracks, ski tracks and skating spots

A sport track serving Nordic walkers and joggers runs near the Hiekkasärkät area through a beautiful pine forest. The track takes you all the way to the Hiihtomaja ski hut and onwards for several kilometres towards the sea and Maristo’s beautiful area in Vihaslahti. In the winter, the running track turns into an extensive ski track network, parts of which are lit. The ski tracks run right through our services, so why not stop by for something hot to drink?


Hiking maps detailing the Kalajoki area:

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