Relax at a smoke sauna

Try the mesmerizing smoke sauna, a typical Finnish tradition!
Visit Linnakallio, located in Taluskylä (in Alavieska), just a 20-minute drive from Kalajoki. In the wintertime, you can also enjoy winter swimming. The public shifts are on Wednesdays and Sundays. Payments in cash at the sauna into the money box or by MobiliPay. You’ll find instructions at the sauna.

Linnakallio’s smoke sauna 
Taluskyläntie 660, Talus
+358 8 432 839


At Safaritalo, you’ll find atmospheric sauna and smoke facilities and an outdoor whirlpool tub.

Safaritalo’s sauna and smoke sauna
Merisärkäntie 10
+358 45 111 6633