Marina Resort



The infrastructure is now complete, so the Kalajoki Marina project in the Hiekkasärkät holiday area is moving on to the construction phase. The comprehensive resort being built near all the services in the area, the beach and the sea makes its competitors pale in comparison.

Marina Resort is being built in the Marina Dyynikylä area between the sea and the beautifully landscaped pond. Each apartment of the design apartment building has a glazed balcony overlooking the sea, and a private sauna. The horizon, the spaciousness of the area, and the incredible closeness of the sea have served as the cornerstones of the design. These stunning elements will be tangible in the architecture of the building and implemented with light-coloured wood, light surfaces, and sandy hues.

Kalajoen Rakennus, a local company known for its high-quality construction, is the developer of the new resort. Kalajoen Rakennus has constructed several buildings in the Hiekkasärkät area, including several holiday homes for the Kalajoki Holiday Home Fair in Aurinkolampi area, and in Kesäranta, located in the southern part of the Hiekkasärkät area. The award-winning company Studio Puisto Architects is responsible for the design of Marina Resort.

Marina Resort / Kalajoen Rakennus Oy
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