Alone and together, summer and winter. Culture and sports, countryside and urban landscape. Kokkola is a city with surprising and rewarding variety and vitality. Enjoy the tranquility of the idyllic Neristan Old Town amidst the hubbub of modern life or spend time in the beautiful Meripuisto Park by the sea. If you wish to shop, there are both domestic and international retail chains as well as a unique selection of independent traders in Kokkola. There are also numerous events for those thirsting for culture or sports. And best of all, it is easy to come to Kokkola, by car, train or plane. Smiling Kokkola welcomes families as well as culture hungry guests from close and far. We offer our best at every season.



TOP 5 – Experiences in Kokkola

1. Events
Kokkola’s event selection is a true horn of plenty. You can choose from culture to sports and everything in between.

2. Meripuisto Park by the sea
The Meripuisto Park next to the 2011 Housing Fair area has become the living-room for the inhabitants in Kokkola, and visitors are warmly welcome there too. Meripuisto Park also houses the terminal where m/s Jenny departs for its regular service to the Tankar lighthouse island.

3. Nature attractions
Just a few kilometers from Kokkola center you will find Elba and Harrbåda nature trails. Just a car ride away is Vattajanniemi and Ohtakari islet, which was chosen as the excursion place of the year.

4. Coffee, food and drinks
You can rest your legs and enjoy delicious food in comfortable cafés and restaurants in the downtown area or by the sea.

5. Walking tours in the old town Neristan
A walk in Neristan, the Old Town, is a plunge into the past, in the era of ship owners, sailors and merchants.