Enjoy the city center

The Kalajoki city center is flourishing and developing

In the Kalajoki city center, you can find both modern services and good old times’ vibes. Time goes by a little slower, noise and hurry have no place here. Still, there are shops with plenty of offering and many events to choose from. All in all, Kalajoki gets you in a good mood. The center has seen a lot of renewals in recent years, with new improvements every year.
It’s only 8 kilometres from the Sand Dunes to the city center – a perfect bike ride or short drive to do some shopping!


Culture and events

Laid back leisure

Join the locals and hop from one happening to another, spend the day with your friends enjoying music at the Kajari downtown festival. Or why not just go see a movie?

The city center is pulsing with events and things to do year-round. The events in Plassi, the old town, are concentrated around the idyllic courtyard of the Havula manor in the summertime. Enjoy art exhibitions with a cup of coffee, visit the Havula Jazz festival or join the artists at the Art week to do some artwork of your own.

The annual events at the city center are putting a hat on the Jussi statue on May Day, Havula Jazz & Blues, Kajari downtown festival, Pauhamat Culture Week and the traditional Plassi market.


Cafés and restaurants

Let’s sit for a moment or two

Went shopping around town and got hungry! Should we sit down for a glass of wine, or would a cup of coffee be refreshing on a summer day? Let’s sit on the terrace and and watch people slowly go by, when the weather is hot. We’ll order the usual favorites or snack on something new and exciting.

Kalajoki’s original cafés and restaurants serve you with memorable tastes no matter the weather and always with a smile.



Everything within your reach

Whether you’re looking for souvenirs for yourself, your friend or just want to restock your fridge, you’ll find original brick and mortar shops and versatile grocery stores in the Kalajoki city center. The center has a good offering and is convenient in size, with small businesses that surprise and delight you with their selection. No need to stand in line or get lost between the shelves fro hours. It’s easy to find treats and souvenirs!

Let’s forget the time and surrender to the gentle holiday atmosphere!



Something new and refreshing on your holiday

Did the wind mess up your hairdo, or is it just time to visit the hairdresser’s? A facial or pedicure could be something new and refreshing, or maybe a manicure or lash treatment? After days full of activities, it’s good to lie down on the masseur’s table.
In Kalajoki, you’ll find these services and lots more, even without pre-booking!