Kalajoki old town

Plassi, the old town of Kalajoki, is well worth a visit, thanks to its village setting and museums. Close your eyes and imagine how the market traders shouted and the unruly children frolicked on the Old Plassi Square!

 In Plassi, you can visit Havula, the Art Nouveau villa of sawmill owner Oskari Santaholma and a small fishing museum. Alternatively, simply enjoy the atmosphere of the main street, market square, and old wooden houses.

Visit a wealthy merchant’s house Havula from the Early 1900s

Havula is a residential villa built in 1912 by sawmill manager Oskari Santaholma. The Art Nouveau style house has 14 rooms in addition to the kitchen and about 700 square meters of living space on two floors. In Havula, you can discover the locality’s sawmill and industrial history, and the wealthy 1910s and 1930s merchant home, rare in Northern Finland, with its original decor.

Havula decor is an interesting mix of old domestic and foreign styled furniture and specially ordered furniture sets. There is also plenty of artwork included in the personal property.

Havula is located at the northern end of Plassi, in the middle of a conifer-lined courtyard. From the villa you could see the lumberyard area of the sawmill. There is a museum café in the Havula courtyard where you can enjoy a tasty cup of coffee during your visit.

Havula and the museum café are open in the summer time. Groups can visit Havula by order also on other times.

Explore the old town with a guide!

Kalajoki Travel Guides offer guided tours in Kalajoki and the Havula manor during summer. With a guide, you can visit the Fishing museum or walk through the Plassi main street. Reserve a guide and see Kalajoki from a different perspective! Group tours upon request. More information and reservations (also for Havula):

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