The local history museum, founded in an old school building, lets visitors become familiar with shipping history and peasant-style sailing. The museum’s specialties include handicrafts made by sailors or brought back from abroad, such as a sawfish saw, a shark jawbone and a coconut. In addition, the room contains images of the Sautinkari sawmill, illustrating its history.

Himanka Local History Museum
Sautinkarintie, Himanka
+358 50 373 1775


The museum is operating in Törnvall’s old house, which was transferred to its current location from the townhall yard in 1964. This Ostrobothnian building, originating from the 19th century, is among the oldest in Kalajoki and hosted the Awakening meeting of 1838. The museum illustrates life in the old days, as well as some of the famous people from Kalajoki.

Kalajoki Local History Museum
Siltasaari (Kalajoki town centre)
+358 40 509 8788, +358 8 462 090


The Fishing Museum’s main exhibition primarily illustrates the Kalajoki region’s fishing traditions and their integral elements of river and sea fishing, lamprey fishing and seal hunting, and the use of Maakalla and Ulkokalla as a base for the fishing trips. Fiia’s cottage (Fiian mökki) is the only surviving example of modest, low-income housing in Plassi from the first half of the 20th century.

Fishing Museum and Fiia’s cottage
+358 40 509 8788, +358 8 462 090


The local history museum’s main building is a former parish clerks’ residence. The museum has been decorated in the traditional rural style of the Rautio area. Two storehouses dating back to the end of the 18th century and a blacksmith’s workshop have been transferred to the yard. The name Rautio refers to the Finnish word for iron, ‘rauta’, and the museum specialises in blacksmithing.

Rautio Local History Museum
Huhtakyläntie 21, Rautio
+358 400 890 850