Нужные вещи и сувениры

Местные деликатесы и уникальные изделия ремесленников. Новое пляжное платье или бикини. Солнцезащитные очки и пластырь. Сумка, которую вам давно хотелось. Новое спортивное снаряжение — сумка для клюшек или доска для гребли стоя! Целая сумка деликатесов на вечер. Украшения, сладости и рыба. Морской сувенир, при взгляде на который вы будете вспоминать приятный отпуск.

В Калайоки найдется все необходимое, а также сувениры — для вас самих или в подарок.

Tapion tupa

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    Tapion Tupa

    Tasty Finnish home cooking in a rustic restaurant. Lunch buffet and à la carte meals served every day. No alcohol served.

    Here you can find our renowned doughnuts and locally produced crafts, gift items and souvenirs.

    Tapion Tupa
    Matkailutie 3
    +358 8 466 622

Lohilaakson Korumyymälä

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    Whitefish and rainbow trout dishes from fresh, local fyke net catches as well as popular smoked fish salads. You can catch a rainbow trout yourself, and we will serve you your catch smoked with side dishes!

    Coffee drinks and beer as well as cocktails available at the bar.

    Takeaway meals also available.

    Tahkokorvantie 35
    +358 400 851 186

Golf Proshop

Keramiikkapaja Iso-pahkala

Kratti puoji-shop

Tyngän mylly

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    Tyngän Mylly Mill

    The historical Tyngän Mylly Mill was established in 1916. It is a fascinating site to visit for both groups and families. A special Myllytarinat-paketti (Mill tales package) now available for groups. If you have a fishing permit, you can fish in the Myllykoski rapids. There is a small shop and a cafe that also serves as a post office in connection with the mill, which remains in operation. The Tynkä mill products have been manufactured out of pure Finnish grain using traditional methods.

    Tyngän Mylly Mill
    Myllyntie 30, Tynkä
    +358 8 466 319

Kalajoen apteekki

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    There is a pharmacy service at the ABC store.

    Kalajoen apteekki

    Drugs and cosmetics. Calls to all numbers beginning +358 10: 8.35 cents/call + 16.69 cents/minute (incl. 24% VAT)

    Kalajoen Apteekki (pharmacy)
    Kalajoentie 30
    +358 10 321 4460

Rautio Sports surf center

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    Rautio Sports Surf Center

    Windsurfing, kitesurfing and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) equipment, clothing and shoes.

    Rautio Sports Surf Center
    Top Camping Kalajoki
    Tuomipakkaintie 20
    +358 44 546 0090

Station Clothing Box

K-supermarket Kalajoki

Liikennemyymälä ABC Hiekkasärkät


Ostoskylä Raitti

Kievarila Kissankello

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    Kievarila Kissankello

    Enjoy a relaxing warm cup and purchase something pretty at Kievarila!
    Beautiful fashion at the Waatekammari boutique! Add a new spark to your home by visiting our interior design shop.

    Karvonperäntie 111, Himanka